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Cosmic Journey - Help


During the dark times of 23rd century, the human race was banished from their planet. Brave men were sitting in their primitive machines facing much more powerful and advanced enemies and trying to save the remains of humankind. After decades of desperate fights, they finally succeeded. Being space pilots for all their lives, these men had no other option than to let themselves hire for dangerous jobs. Only the historic archives show us now the names of the best pilots of the universe.

The, I would say, great music for this game was composed by six╬╗xis, thanks.

Playing Cosmic Journey

Cosmic Journey is meant to be an old-school shooter game. If you think it is too hard, maybe you need to change your strategy or get more experience. Of course, destroying an alien mothership armed with plasma cannons using primitive laser guns is no easy feat, but there is always a way. Be aware that some enemies have very strong armor and may be shielded. Study them and find their weak spots. Conserve your power, hit them in the right moment. Holding the fire button down all the time is a sure way to die. You will discover that there are more ways to defeating your enemies than hitting them with laser.

It is highly recommended to be logged in while playing. Your score will be saved in the hall of fame and if you finish a level, it will be permanently unlocked.


The game needs a modern browser to run and a fast computer is a plus. Latest release of Firefox or Chrome is recommended. Expect troubles if you are using older versions of Internet Explorer.


Cursor keys, WSAD, 8546Move
Ctrl, Space, AltShoot
ShiftShield overdrive

If the game does not respond, click on it to reactivate it.

Energy Flux

In the left bottom corner of the screen you can see three bars. They show you the state of your spacecraft.

cosmic-bars.png image

Hull integrity is the most important indicator. Once it is gone, the ship explodes. When shield is active, it will cover the hull from all attacks. Every impact consumes part of your shield energy. Do not let enemies breach your shield.

Your ship does not have automated repair system but the energy of your shield is slowly replenished. The speed of shield regeneration depends on the amount of core energy. Shield can be also over-driven and its energy used for attack. But be careful, if you hit a strong target your shield energy will be completely gone and your ship could be destroyed by any space debris.

Core energy is used not only for shield but also for laser cannons. Do not shoot too much, try to keep core energy at high level. Core energy is slowly replenished from ships solar panels, so try to keep ships hull in good condition.


Perfect reflexes and good strategy may keep you alive. But sometimes even they are not enough. You also need a bit of luck. Look out for lost cargo crates or pirate caches hidden inside asteroids. Your ship is strong, but extra power never hurts...

wrenchA bunch of lost nanobots will repair your damaged hullshieldInstant shield energybatteryBattery that can furnish extra energy to ship core is always handy
gunExtra guns will highly rise your firepowershurikenPowerful technology that could be used for both attack and defense