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Honzales' games

Cosmic Journey

Classic arcade space shooter. During the dark times of 23rd century, the human race was banished from their planet. Brave men were sitting in their primitive machines facing much more powerful and advanced enemies and trying to save the remains of humankind. After decades of desperate fights, they finally succeeded. Being space pilots for all their lives, these men had no other option than to let themselves hire for dangerous jobs. Only the historic archives show us now the names of the best pilots of the universe. More...


Another classic piece. Here you have to "ehm" break out through the wall by the bat and the ball.

15 Puzzle

Your grandparents used to have one of those. There is a spider web in the corner. This game was programmed by Vlasta, thanks.

TV Quiz for Android

Tactical quiz game. Czech only!

Card Games for Android

Many card games and other applications for Android can be found here in Google Play store.